Incredibly fun, potentially dangerous, possibly illegal sport played by students and fat bastards the world over.

The rules are simple. Select 18 pubs, to represent 18 holes. It's probably a good idea to keep holes 9 and onwards as near as possible. In fact, holes 15 through 18 should possibly be the same pub.

In each pub, each player gets a pint. Each time you raise the glass and drink counts as a stroke. Each pub has a par which you must finish under, or else you must perform a forfeit - buying of alcohol and removal of clothing are extremely popular ones. Each time you throw up adds one penalty stroke to your score.

The eventual winner gets honoured in a large ceremony which parades through the main street of the nearest large city. Everyone comes from around the country to honour this god, and all the women offer their bodies to him (or her, as the case may be).

Unfortunatley, the winner is so drunk, they usually don't remember this happening.

novel additions to the rules of Pub Golf:

Every delegation playing the Pub Golf game should, of course, appoint a suitable Mr Weights and Measures to ensure that the rules are being followed and forfeits obeyed!

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