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The backup computer featured in the cult series of Red Dwarf, appearing in the fifth episode of the 2nd series. Queeg replaced the original AI, Holly after he was deemed "computer-senile" by endangering the life of the crewmember Dave Lister.

QUEEG: I'm QUEEG 500, the Red Dwarf back-up computer. All vessels of the Jupiter Mining Corporation fleet are obliged to carry a back-up computer to replace the primary computer, if the primary computer contravenes Article Five. I am therefore assuming control of this vessel.
HOLLY: This is mutiny, Mr. Queeg. I'll see you swing from the highest yard-arm in Titan Docking Port for this day's work.
RIMMER: What's Article Five?
QUEEG: Gross negligence, leading to the endangerment of personnel.
LISTER: Hang on, he can't do this. Holly's got an IQ of six thousand!
HOLLY: Yeah. Right on.
QUEEG: Is that what he told you?
LISTER: Well, what is it, then?
QUEEG: It has a six in it, but it's not six thousand.
CAT: What is it?

Queeg, being a blatantly more efficient and effective AI proceeded to make the crewmembers' lives a living hell by imposing a strict regime of work in return for food.

The hologram Arnold J. Rimmer was forced to exercise, and learn astronavigation mercilessly.

LISTER is shaving, with his usual complete lack of charm. RIMMER is entered. His head is lolling at an angle and his eyes are closed.
LISTER: What's the matter with him?
QUEEG: He fainted after the first 500 yards.
LISTER: What, you made him jog two and a half miles unconscious?
QUEEG: It's regulation.
LISTER: Yee-es! Nice one, Queeg!
QUEEG: 0700. Time for his astro-navigation study. I'd better wake him up.
RIMMER's head is lifted, and his face slapped several times to wake himup.
QUEEG: Revise and learn pages 21 to 25. You will then be tested. If you fail, tomorrow you will take a five mile jog.

Holly, who now exists as a night watchman, complete with flat cap and scarf, is persuaded to challenge Queeg for the position of Ship's Computer by the repressed crew. The two AIs engage in a game of chess which Holly loses, and has to pay the forfeit of permanent erasure.

All hope seems lost to the crew who watch the death of their computer friend, until the whole affair is revealed to be an elaborate and sick, April, May, June, and July fool.

The image on the screen changes -- QUEEG's face fades out, to be replaced by HOLLY. He is smiling smugly.
HOLLY: We are talking Jape of the Decade. We are talking April, May, June, July, and August Fool. Yes, that's right -- I am Queeg.
HOLLY: Queeg never existed. It was me all along.
HOLLY: Wheeze of the week, mate!

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