In my travels across America's highways and back roads, I've observed a great variety of Car Fish Emblems. Here is a brief overview of all the species of the genus Autopisces that I've encountered. If you've seen others, feel free to add to the list!

  • Jesus fish: Autopisces christianus. The Jesus fish is a stylized fish enclosing the word "Jesus." Appropriately, it's often found on the cars of Christians.
  • Ixoye fish: Autopisces christianus primus. A Greek-speaking Jesus fish, popular among Christians aware of their religion's roots.
  • Darwin fish: Autopisces darwini. Similar in basic form to the Jesus fish, the Darwin fish has grown feet and is marked by the identifier "Darwin" instead of "Jesus." It is commonly seen on the vehicles of atheists.
  • Cthulhu fish: Autopisces eldritch. A strange cousin of the more common Jesus and Darwin fishes, the Cthulhu fish, marked as usual by its name inscribed in its body, is trailed by tentacles and colored an algae-like green. When it does make a rare appearance, it's usually on a car belonging to a goth or rpg enthusiast.
  • Evolve fish: Autopisces progressivus. A direct descendant of the Darwin fish, the Evolve fish is the most advanced of the Autopisces, having developed the use of tools. It's a favorite of scientists and engineers.
  • Truth fish: Autopisces panphage. Recently, this dangerous mutant strain of the Jesus fish has become common. The Truth fish, heedless of the life and liberty of other Car Fish Emblems, devours any Darwin fish it encounters, and is a common sight on the automobiles of militant Christians of the fundamentalist persuasion.
  • Phish: Autopisces hackeysackus. The Phish, colorful and psychedelic like its musical namesake, seems unconcerned with the politics of the other Car Fish Emblems, and is content simply to blow bubbles while attached to the bumper of a hippie's old Volkswagen.

Update! Mofaha tells me of one I've never seen: the elusive Gefilte fish, Autopisces judaicus. I've also received word from Queequeg of the shark-finned Linux fish, Autopisces opensourcem. And from MoJoe, apparently a few of the ordinary Autopisces christianus have a cross covering their eyes. Perhaps a new subspecies?

Update 2: Still more Car Fish Emblem sightings, this time from morven, who reports frequent appearances of the unornamented Puritan fish, Autopisces austerus. That intrepid noder's keen eyes have also spotted the goat-horned Devil fish, Autopisces satanicus, as well as the Alien fish, Autopisces roswellius, a highly specialized form which has evolved a symbiotic relationship with little green men, for whom it serves as a spaceship.

Lucy-S has spotted the phallic silhouette of a homeless Freud fish in a gift shop. Despite its strong resemblance to Car Fish Emblems, this libidinous critter has yet to be seen on a car. I'll hold off on officially grouping it with the rest of the Autopisces until someone finds it in its natural habitat.

And vruba reports a rare instance of interspecies mixing - it seems that a Jesus fish and Darwin fish have been seen approaching one another from opposite sides of a heart emblem. It remains to be seen what form the offspring will take, and whether it will exhibit hybrid vigor.

Pyromancer notes the occasional appearance of the skeletal remains of a Car Fish Emblem, but isn't sure what species it came from or how it got that way. Perhaps the fish in question is now extinct. We may never know...

Now Ouroboros reports strange rumors of a long-necked Lamarck Fish. Has anyone seen it?

Chainstore has described the rugged-looking, eye-patched Pirate fish, Autopisces keelhaulem, which has risen in prominence with the sect of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

The watchful yclept tells me that certain Car Fish Emblems have become politically active. Apparently a nimble Darwin Fish has been seen on the left of a certain automobile, facing the ghostly silhouette of a Puritan Fish on the right. The results of this epic showdown have yet to be determined.

The Truth Fish, it seems, may not be the top predator in the Car Fish Emblem ecosystem after all. yclept has seen a tailless specimen - perhaps while it was busy gobbling up the Darwin Fish, something even bigger took a bite out of it.

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