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Queen For A Year (U.S. Military, Korea).

United States soldiers sent to Korea are most often sent for a one year hardship tour. The ratio of men to women is very high, with some units having only two or three women, and some entire camps having no women whatsoever assigned to them. As there are not many English-speaking women in Korea other than the military women, they are consequently in remarkably high demand.

This situation has coined the widespread phrase, "Queen for a year", as many women have the ability to milk the fact that they are in extreme demand. It is rare that a woman who wishes to take advantage of the situation buys her own drinks, dinners, or entertainment, as many Army guys are desperate or optimistic enough to think this will get them sex.

The phrase is used in one of three ways.

1. As an enticement to get women to come to Korea. "Queen for a year, man. Can't beat that."

2. As an explanation of someone's behavior in regard to a female. "Queen for a year. He couldn't help it."

3. As a reference to the type of woman who enjoys this phenomenon excessively, and abuses men because of it. "Queen for a year. Just leave the bitch alone, I say."

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