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The links below will take you to writeups on movies with queer themes (homosexuality, bisexuality, transexuality/transgenderism, etc.).

Now why is it important to have a queer movies metanode? Well, for starters, they're normally pretty hard to find.. if you don't already know about them, anyway. But secondly, it's a lot to do with visibility.

We need to be able to see ourselves where everyone else can. We need to see ourselves in the very life depicted on film, on stage, and in literature. These things are but a replica of life that everyone experiences.. and we are very much a part of that as much as anyone else.

No more being the invisible minority when things come out of the celluloid closet. This will be a growing list.

Please post something to the node or /msg randir if you have a writeup you would like included in the listing that isn't already there.

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