Quod googla, abruv. q.g., "which you can Google." From the first declension Latin verb googlare, meaning "to Google."

Paraphrased from a footnote in The Joy of Factoring link, Samuel S. Wagstaff, Jr., 2013

Quod googla is a very useful phrase coming to us from Late Latin (apparently Classical Latin has no equivalent), although purists may quibble about the exact translation. While the common translation is, as given above, "which you can Google," it is more directly translated as "which Google."

It is sometimes used in place of more appropriate terms, e.g., it may be used where the author actually intends "quod erat googlandum" (QEG), meaning "which had to be googled." Regardless, it is one of the more relevant Latin phrases still in use, and is a useful indicator that the information referenced is general knowledge, and that specific references are neither required nor forthcoming.

Iron Noder

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