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Raf"fle (raf"f'l), n. [F. rafle; faire rafle to sweep stakes, fr. rafler to carry or sweep away, rafler tout to sweep stakes; of German origin; cf. G. raffeln to snatch up, to rake. See Raff, v.]


A kind of lottery, in which several persons pay, in shares, the value of something put up as a stake, and then determine by chance (as by casting dice) which one of them shall become the sole possessor.


A game of dice in which he who threw three alike won all the stakes. [Obs.] Cotgrave.


© Webster 1913

Raf"fle, v. i. [imp. & p. p. Raffled (-f'ld); p. pr. & vb. n. Raffling (-fling).]

To engage in a raffle; as, to raffle for a watch.


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Raf"fle, v. t.

To dispose of by means of a raffle; -- often followed by off; as, to raffle off a horse.


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Raf"fle (?), n. [See Raff, n. & v., and Raffle.]

Refuse; rubbish; raff.


© Webster 1913

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