Vocalist, primary songwriter, and co-founder of Kraftwerk. The classically-trained musical genius who has influenced just about anyone making music with a synthesizer today. Even more than his music has, Hütter's vision of futurism and minimalism has made an indelible mark on our culture.

He also obsesses about Kraftwerk's image and seems to be suffering from a bad case of tortured artist syndrome. Hütter's perfectionism and potential mental instability are also apparent in his love for cycling. He has been known to cycle hundreds of kilometers a day, and was once in a long coma after a terrible cycling accident. Apparently Hütter and Florian Schneider have a rather regimented lifestyle, consisting of cycling and writing music every day. Despite this, there has not been a new Kraftwerk album since 1986.

The smart money says that Ralf is the one who won't let Kraftwerk die peacefully. He probably won't be satisfied until he transforms into a robot. I doubt that this lonely visionary is too far away.

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