Kraftwerk's "The Model" has been described as the "perfect pop song". It's catchy, cheesy, and simplistic. What most people don't realize about Kraftwerk is all the subtleties hidden in their minimalism, and "The Model" is a perfect example.

At its core, The Man Machine is a very cynical and depressing album. "The Model", while sounding like a bright spot among the sad tracks, simultaneously exploits the shallowness of the narrator, the subject, and the audience. During sound checks, Ralf has been known to sing "Now she's a big success, I want to fuck her again." In a very sly way, Kraftwerk is poking fun at pop music's traditional subjects.

The jilted lover becomes a jealous stalker; the ex-girlfriend becomes a mindless slut. There's no one to root for in this bitter love story. But hey, the album's about robots -- not just the kinds that beep and blink, but also the ones which walk among us, slaves to their seemingly mechanical whims.

"We are the robots."

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