Because Roku video streaming devices don't have an actual power button, folks have to traipse over to the unit and unplug, wait, then replug the box in. It's almost like listening to the droning instructions of your DSL internet service provider trying to convince you that their network is not at fault for you not being able to watch the Game of Thrones finalé.

Well, rejoice fellow couch potatoes, there is a way to have the box reboot without getting your butt off of the Cheeto-encrusted cushions of your domain.

On the remote, press the following buttons in order. Do not hesitate between the sets because you will have to start over. HOME (5 times), UP ARROW, REWIND (2 times), FAST FORWARD (2 times). Yes, it's like a combination attack or a cheat code easter egg for a video game.

Once the sequence is entered there will be a slight delay and the box will reset and go to the Roku animated screen as it boots up. After that you're good to go!

Iron Noder 2017

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