Canada will be "cool" with me when it is a smoldering hole in the ground. You neglect to mention little things such as, oh... QUEBEC. I mean for christ sake, if anything is sufficient reason to launch a full scale nuclear bombardment against an entire country it's Quebec. And Molson Ice, what is THAT all about?

First of all, Canadians are shifty. Pseudo_Intellectual is a fantastic example of typical Canadian shiftiness. And just think, these are our neighbors! Look at Mexico, what a fantastic neighbor they are. We don't let them in to our country, they don't speak English and they don't have any money. Canadians just wander over whenever they please, prancing "aboot" unchecked; speaking french and complaining about Americans.

Don't even get me started on how they talk. How these people manage to breed with eachother I couldn't even begin to imagine. I certainly wouldn't go home with one of those frenchie wannabes no matter how many bottles of Molson were rolling around in my blood stream.

And what the hell do they do? I mean really, what ever happens in Canada? They remind me of some old forgotten house-pet that lounges about doing nothing interesting. Now imagine that same lazy dog laying around doing nothing but trying to force everyone to speak french. Now imagine that it's your neighbors dog, and it babbles pseudo-french over the fence at you and the even the french poodle down the street can't understand a bloody thing it says though it maintains that it is speaking french. THAT is Canada.

The sooner we are rid of them the better, I say.

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