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'Release Me' is Englebert Humperdinck's most famous recording. It reached number one in the UK singles charts in February 1967, famously relegating the Beatles' 'Strawberry Fields Forever / Penny Lane' to number two. It's something of a camp classic, with a Tom Jones-esque big band arrangement (Humperdinck appealed to a similar audience, but lacked Jones' fine understanding of high camp). Latterly it has been used as the theme tune to 'The Fast Show'.

"Release me"
Edia Miller, Dub Williams and Robert Yount

Please release me, let me go,
for I don't love you any more.
To waste our lives would be a sin,
release me and let me love again.

I have found a new love, dear,
and I will always want him near,
his lips are warm, while yours are cold,
release me, my darling, let me go.

Please release me, can't you see,
you'd be a fool to cling to me,
to live a lie would bring us pain - so
release me and let me love again.

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