Religious zealots are one of the worst. Religious fanatics think they know what is right and wrong, they think they know what is best, and they always believe they have god on their side. The are probably the most close minded people on the planet. Even with today's scientific proof, they still choose an archaic belief that was created even before the existance of mermaids, dragons, magic, and the idea that women are witches if they can swim. If you look at religious fanatics, they want to control education, censor the entertainment industry, and basicly assert their religious beliefs in the government even though we have a freedom of religion law.

The Christian Coalition is a perfect example of an organized group of religious zealots. Next to the KKK and related groups, the Christian Coalition is probably the scariest organization out there. They are against what I believe in, personal freedom. They are for censorship, putting the church back into governmental, banning Darwin's idea of evolution from education, and others along those lines.

These are my personal views, and this most likely doesn't represent all of the zealots accurately, just the ones that I have seen or met. And yes, I believe in god, but I am open minded and accepting of other ideas and religions.
While I am a syncretist, including agnosticism and various other beliefs, I have no problem with people whose faith is the most important thing in their life, and who try to make the world a better place as they see it.

I dislike religious and non-religious zealotry the same, and I try not to tell anyone else what to do with their lives, their kitchens, or their souls. I suspect I'm not alone in feeling this way.

(I do, however, feel free to tell people what to do with their nodes.)

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