A renaissance man is a man who is a skilled man in many different fields of study. Usually very smart, quick learning, and self-motivated. Good examples of these persons would be Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson, and Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz. Renaissance men are seen less and less as the arts and sciences become more and more specialized.

A renaissance loser would be just the opposite. A renaissance loser is one who is apathetic and comatose in all types of activities. They usually can be found slacking off at school, slacking off at work, pretty much just slacking off, and usually have to be told a gazillion times to do anything. Even then, they will not do it with the craftsmanship and skill that a renaissance man would use to complete the task. Renaissance losers can be male or female, are usually sloth, don't care about learning, and are usually not motivated one iota. Good examples of these would be Wally from the comic strip Dilbert, Robbie and Jase from Player vs. Player, and myself. Renaissance losers are seen more and more as the workplace becomes filled with cubicals and as the economy gets better and better (thus less and less work that is required to live).

Idea taken and expanded from Scott Adams' Dilbert Comic. Go see it @:

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