Re"tail (?), n. [F. retaille piece cut off, shred, paring, or OF. retail, from retailler. See Retail, v.]

The sale of commodities in small quantities or parcels; -- opposed to wholesale; sometimes, the sale of commodities at second hand.


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Re"tail, a.

Done at retail; engaged in retailing commodities; as a retail trade; a retail grocer.


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Re*tail" (?), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Retailed (?);p. pr. & vb. n. Retailing.] [Cf. F. retailler to cut again; pref. re- re + tailler to cut. See Retail, n., Tailor, and cf. Detail.]


To sell in small quantities, as by the single yard, pound, gallon, etc.; to sell directly to the consumer; as, to retail cloth or groceries.


To sell at second hand.

[Obs. or R.]



To distribute in small portions or at second hand; to tell again or to many (what has been told or done); to report; as, to retail slander.

"To whom I will retail my conquest won."


He is wit's peddler, and retails his wares At wakes and wassails. Shak.


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