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Retro Techs are a class of old computer users who still have Retro Tech, or ancient technology. This Retro Tech equipment must be in a fully working condition to count as Retro Tech. Anything above the Intel 286 is considered Newbie Techno.

When I moved from San Diego to Colorado, I had to dump most of my Retro Tech. A friend of mine helped me clean out the house I was selling. I had to pay $800(US) to dispose of the 8 tons of trash, approximately 3 tons of which was Retro Tech. I am now reduced to an IBM XT luggable, several 1200baud modems, a 150baud acoustic-coupled modem, a 10-meg hard drive that weighs 20lbs and five boxes of parts. I use my Retro Tech all of the time. It still makes a great word processing station, and I have the luggable hooked up to some ham radio equipment.

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