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The Revised Edition (known commonly as simply "revised") was the first rotation of the Magic: The Gathering basic set. The 306 card set added cards from Arabian Nights and Antiquities, was first available in April of 1994, and lasted through about April 1995. Like the Unlimited Edition before it, and all the basic sets afterwards, cards were printed with white borders.

The cards removed before this set were done for two main reasons. The first was to eliminate the overly strong cards. Many of the most powerful cards of all time were removed before this set, such as Black Lotus, the 5 moxes, and Time Walk. Also, a number of highly confusing cards were removed, such as Blaze of Glory, and the troublemaking card Word of Command.

There was no expansion symbol on the cards, but there are other ways to identify the set. The fake 3-D bevel that Unlimited cards had was removed, with a simple flat edge. The color was also lighter than Unlimited, with less black, but looking washed out, not as vibrant as later sets. Also, there were no copyright dates on the bottoms of the cards.

The set also introduced the first incarnation of the tap symbol. It was a white circle, with a black 'T' tilted to one side about 45 degrees.

There was one misprint in the set. The Serendib Efreet, a blue card, was mistakenly printed with a green background, and the artwork for the Ifh-Biff Efreet, but with the name, text, and casting cost correct for the Serendib.








Removed Cards:

The following cards were removed from the basic set when Revised was introduced.

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