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Revolution for the Hell of It
Published by Dial Press, Inc. 1968
Pocket Book Edition published 1970
with intro Chicago: Two Years After
245 pages

Revolution for the Hell of It was Abbie Hoffman’s original Yippie manifesto. Authored by Free it was a rambling, stream of consciousness roller coaster ride into the emerging psychedelic revolutionary’s mind.

In Revolution for the Hell of It, Abbie explained that "when you're an artist, your art is the point as well as the reason you keep going. Applause, boos, analysts, critics are all irrelevant."

This applied to Abbie and his brand of Merry Pranksteresque type of radical politics. The put-on was his art and he did it well. Later in his career when he was put on trial for conspiracy in Chicago for his actions in organizing the protests at the 1968 Democratic National Convention, the prosecutor used excerpts from the book as evidence in order to get a conviction.

“Aside from a few obscenity trials, lawyers tell me ‘Revolution For the Hell of It!’ is the only published book in the judicial history of the United States used as prosecution evidence in a criminal case. I'll never forget being on the witness stand in Julius Hoffman's neon oven” - Abbie Hoffman

PROSECUTOR: Now Mr. Hoffman, what were you wondering when you wrote this passage?

DEFENDANT: Does wondering mean dreaming, Mr. Schultz?

PROSECUTOR: Yes, that's right. (waves book)

DEFENDANT: I've never been on trial for my dreams before. I'll have to think a bit.

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