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NOTE:This episode synopsis may contain spoilers, and you may not wish to read it if you have not seen the series.

Revolutionary Girl Utena
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Characters Appearing in Episode Duel: None

There has been a huge explosion in the kitchen where Anthy was cooking some curry. However, something horrible went wrong and Anthy and Utena have switched personalities. Nanami and friends cash in on this by selling pictures (which sell equally well with boys and girls) of the two in their switched personalities.

Because Utena is now in Anthy's body, she gets to see what part of Anthy's life apart from her is like, to her dismay. She finds out that she and Saionji have been keeping an exchange diary, and that Saionji is serious in her love for her. Saionji attempts to consumate his love and Utena resists. She takes the exchange diary, and writes something vulgar to Saionji and gives it back to him, pretending to be full of love.

However, it is discovered that Nanami plotted to discredit Anthy and her cooking by placing the secret Phantom 900 Billion X Spice in the curry instead of the normal spice. However, her brother finds out about this, and forces Nanami and her friends to go back to India and get more spice. However, while they are there (for karmic reasons, of course *grin*), they are plagued by elephants who attack them at every turn.

Nanami and her friends finally return with the spice only to find out that Anthy had never used the spice in the first place and it was just Anthy's bad cooking.

This is just one in a series of karmic Nanami episodes, where Nanami is essentially made fun of for the entire episode. Other episodes where Nanami is made fun of include: Episode 16 and Episode 27.

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