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Most Esbat rituals (that is, rituals designed to in some way celebrate the moon and/or the feminine divine) include somewhere in the procedure the taking of cakes and wine. Many people, however, are unsure of what constitutes a "cake," and being that most Pagan practitioners are also rather do-it-yourself regarding their lifestyle/religion, I thought it would be helpful to introduce a recipe for an appropriate "cake."

Because this recipe was acquired from a British source, I have included both the original measurements and the American translation (though I usually selfishly just display measurements for my own country). That also explains why the title of the recipe calls these confections "biscuits" when any American might look at them and say, "But these are cookies! What did I do wrong?" No, they are supposed to be cookies, they are not supposed to rise into biscuits. This can be compared with simple Esbat biscuits, which are bare-bones and not as sweet, or you can try crescent cakes, which are more almondy and crunchy, and more of a standard in the community. These taste a little bland, but can be spiced up (if desired) by rolling the dough balls in confectioner's sugar before baking. Enjoy!



Blend butter, honey, vanilla, and egg yolk. Mix dry ingredients in a separate bowl and add to the paste a little at a time. Chill (about half an hour), then roll out and cut out. Bake at 325ºF for about 15 minutes.

Yield: About 28 small cookies
Source: Paraphrased from West, The Real Witches' Kitchen
Use for: Esbats

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