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i go to school. i am broke. i have no Christmas exams. so, with an entire month off, i peruse the classifieds of my local paper. looking for a job. a temporary job.

and then it hits me, square in the nose like a sock full of dimes. Christmas Temporary Retail Sales Representatives


all right, i'll admit, working in retail over december doesn't sound too great, but my last class is on the 1st of December, and the job is from the 4 to the 23. it's perfect timing. perfect so they are having a hiring spree on tuesday morning. which, again, is perfect, since i'm actually available to go down there. it's in richmond.

<rant mode>
it takes an hour to drive to Richmond from my house. no big deal. i'm not going to drive, since, i don't have access to a car, and the drivers there are (stereotypes are wrong, but this one is true) bad. Richmond is filled with people who don't know how to drive and have bribed their way into getting a license. i realise i'm sounding bitter, but IT'S TRUE! i'm not going to drive there

no bug deal. I can bus. it's what i do. but the doggone bus don't go to this specific place in Richmond. it don't go anywhere close!!! I don't know Richmond. I can't hop off a bus and walk the rest of the way. it ain't gonna happen.

this job is perfect. perfect timing, i'd actually get hired for this one. i'm qualified and all. it pays real money. REAL MONEY!!! i haven't worked for real money in much too long. but unless i can phone someone up now, (it's midnite) and convince them to get up and drive me, that job will go to some grouchy old lady who doesn't need the money, just something to do... </rant mode>


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