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Rob Zdybel has been a developer of console games since the early days of the Atari 2600 (where he made games for both the 2600 and the Atari 800 computer). He made several games under the Atari and Sega labels before moving on to work for 3DO. During his days at 3DO, Rob has worked on one tank game after another, first for the Nintendo 64 console, and more recently for the Playstation 2.

Rob on the Playstation 2

This is by no means the hardest console that I have seen in my checkered career. PS2 is a sweetheart. We did experience some difficulties. It is never easy being a pioneer on a new system. Most of the damage, however, was self-inflicted. Sony has done a really great job of providing support. We did get a lot of the other teams saying, "Thanks for diving on that grenade!". I had to explain to them: "We didn't dive on any grenade for you - someone pulled the pin and stuck it down our pants by scheduling WDL:TT to be the first PS2 title out our door."

My opinion on those who say the PS2 is too tough to program for? One word: crybabies. As the PC market gets more crowded and less profitable, more developers are turning to consoles. I guess a few of them are finding out that they really don't have the "right stuff" to make it in console programming. Let them go sniveling back to the safety of hardware and system software that doesn't challenge their limited abilities.

Game List This list is probably not complete. I sent Rob an email asking him for a more complete list, but that was six years ago, and at this point I doubt I am going to ever get a response. Feel free to send me a /msg if you know of any other titles credited to him.

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