The B-side of Gary Glitter's first #1 hit, Rock and Roll (1972).

As far as I'm aware, it is simply the A-side with the lead vocal stripped out.

One of the songs most commonly heard during American sports games.

Also known as the "hey" song.

How to Sing 'Rock and Roll Part 2' at the University of Maryland

A lot of people are familiar with the normal version of Rock and Roll, Part II (also known as the "hey" song), but there are few places at which it has more meaning that the University of Maryland. This is probably because, at UMD, this song is not known by its real name.

It's the 'Hey! YOU SUCK' song.

Nobody knows how the tradition began, but whenever students hear the opening lines to this song, they get extremely excited. The energy builds to a peak as the climax of the song nears, until finally it happens...

Ba na na na... Hey! YOU SUCK! Ba na na.

Ba na na na... Hey! YOU SUCK! Ba na na.

Ba na na na... Hey! YOU SUCK! Ba na na.


College tradition at its finest.

Rock and Roll, Part II was actually prohibited after UMD rioted several times in 2000 and 2001, particularly during March Madness. The University reinstated the song in August of 2001 after a committee on sportsmanship led by President Mote had reviewed the song (there was a minor outcry on campus for it be returned, which may have impacted their decision). This committee has since gone on to try other methods to reduce student rioting, the most effective of which seems to be scheduling important games during the day.

Interestingly enough, the band is only allowed to play the song twice per game (once per half). This has led to attempts to sing the song WITHOUT the band's assistance, many of which are successful. It really doesn't take much to incite a Maryland fan into telling his opponents just how they feel about them. In addition to being a lot of fun, this also makes Maryland one of the hardest places for a rival team to play at.

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