Set far in the future, Rogue Trooper was one of the most popular strips that ran in 2000 AD.

The story was set on Nu-Earth, a planet that had been turned from a paradise into a poisoned wasteland by the war between the Southers and the Norts.
Nuclear weapons had seared the face of the planet, and biological warfare had poisoned & mutated what life still remained on this blasted world.

At Milli-Com - the deep-space headquarters of the Southers - a new weapon in the battle for Nu-Earth was developed: the Genetic Infantry.
Bio-engineered, bred to kill & to survive in the bitter, toxic wasteland of Nu-Earth, the GI were the weapon that Milli-Com needed to tip the balance of the war in their favour.

And they surely would have done, had it not been for a traitor in the ranks of the Souther command. On the eve of their deployment, this traitor betrayed the GI to the Norts & sealed their fate...

The day for GIs first encounter with the enemy came. From orbit far above Nu-Earth, the GI descended into the Quartz Zone.

No sooner had their drop vehicles entered the Nu-Earth atmosphere than the sky erupted in blossoms of fire, and below, the Norts were waiting.

Before the first GI set foot on Nu-Earth, nearly all of their number were blasted out of the sky. Of those that survived the drop, few made it to cover before being picked off by Nort troops.

It was a massacre.

The handful of survivors managed to break out, and following orders from Milli-Com, they made their way to rendevous with a Souther submarine awaiting them at the Orange Sea, a vast poisoned ocean.
But once again they were betrayed by the Souther traitor.

A Nort ambush at the Orange Sea destroyed the Souther submarine & killed all but one of the Genetic Infantry.
Swearing vengeance upon the man who betrayed the GI, the survivor sets off across the wasteland of Nu-Earth in search of the Traitor General, determined to bring him to justice...

Rogue Trooper began it's run in September 1981, and would eventually run for 155 episodes, with the original Rogue being reinvented several times before the series finally came to a close in the early 1990s.

Tor Cyan, a mysterious descendant of the gene-troopers, is currently starring in his own series in 2000 AD

Series created by:

Gerry Finley-Day & Dave Gibbons.

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