The term to distinguish between different types of zombies. This is the term used to classify the eater of flesh as a zombie that comes from one of George Romero's movies (Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, Day of the Dead), but is not limited to these films. The Resident Evil games have long featured these zombies, as have a number of other movies/games.

This type of zombie is extremely slow and uncoordinated, posses little intelligence or reasoning powers, eats out of instinct alone and like to wander around seeking human flesh and innards. This breed of undead has an enhanced sense of smell, and can hunt down their pray regardless of their location (save a airtight bomb shelter or something similar).

It is unknown just what exactly caused this type of living dead to reanimate, but most commonly speculated is a bacteria or virus (possibly spaceborne). A Romero Zombie attacks generally by trying to claw or grab the victim while it tries to take a bite out of it. If bitten, the victim will be infected with said unknown bacteria/virus, and it will begin attacking the immune system with AIDS-like effects. Once the immune system is completely destroyed, the bacteria/virus kills the subject by infection. After the subject is dead, usually only a few minutes, the body is reanimated and begins it's second life as a walking, flesh eating corpse. Medicine only slows the rate of deterioration. It is widely believed that the infection can be stopped if the infected area is amputated immediately after infection, before it had a chance to spread through the blood stream.

These zombies can be killed in a number of ways. Most popular is to have an object directly pierce the brain, like a bullet, knife, or screwdriver; by severing the head (and thus, brain) from the body; or by being set on fire to the point where the brain is destroyed. Since these zombies do not get any nutrition from what they eat, their bodies continue to decay and rot while they're reanimated and it is widely assumed if left alone for long enough, they would simply fall apart at the slightest touch. Some even hold the belief that if you curb stomp a Romero Zombies' teeth out that the zombie would be harmless, but many don't wish to get that close to the little bastard.

Hopefully this information will help someone in trying to identify the different types of zombies. If just one soul is saved by this information, then my job is done.

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