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This movie sucks!

The actors will have you longing for The Amazing Criswell. The script reads like the product of Jolt Cola and hash brownies. The special effects were done on an Apple II. The Troma Team couldn't even muster the budget for Linnea Quigley or some other enormously talented scream queen to improve the scenery. Or professionalize the acting. But some how Redneck Zombies works in a stupid sort of way. Think of Jeffrey Dahmer chewing tobacco and longing for his sister, you have the milleu dead right in this movie that was clearly shot in a day.

The plot is simple. A barrel of military biological weapons grade nuclear waste happens to fall off an Army jeep and directly into a gap-toothed family of bootleggers. They need a new barrel for their still. The fact that green slime is oozing from the lid is immaterial compared to the shiny yellow paint. Not that anyone can read the warnings. Literacy is strictly optional in redneck land.

So they whip up a bash of 'shine, never mind the pretty green color. They taste test it. They sell it. Even baby gets a nip in redneck land. But once you've tasted it everything changes for you. No longer do you long for a breakfast of grits, bacon and mail pouch. Because you're a zombie now, and nothing can satisfy you like living human flesh.

Fortunately, there's some fresh meat about as well. A small group of pot smoking city folk are camping nearby and hoping to practice free love. Well, the guys are hoping anyway. Naturally one of the girls leaves the party to go use a tree. And promptly becomes zombie breakfast.

Confronted by the two half eaten corpses of their pals, one city boy decides the only rational thing to do is drop acid. So we get to see a zombie autopsy on acid, which gives Troma's best BASIC programmer a real chance to strut his graphics chops. But the city folk make a critical discovery. Only one thing, besides a pickaxe to the skull, can kill of an undead red neck. Deodorant. Right Guard is your key to survival in Redneck zombie land. And you'll need plenty, because even the babies are zombies.

The trailers are hilarious. The songs deeply stupid, particularly the theme track "Redneck Zombie Love". The flim pays homage to every stereotype known to man, and several important films such as Deliverance and Texas Chainsaw Massacre. They got all their friends to act. And they don't have even one "Are you going to be Okay" scene, which tells me that maybe Troma ought to direct the next Woody Allen movie.

Two whipped creamed breasts. Multiple dead bodies. Elephant Man chewing tobacco delivery service. Gratuitous spoon to the temple. Kidneys galore. Trailing intestines. Half the Red #2 dye in North America. An 8.5 on the vomit meter.

Redneck Zombies is the movie to show your prospective in-laws so they don't get the wrong idea about you.

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