To Curb: The act of "curbing". Slang for a horribly disgusting way of inflicting damage and/or causing death.

Without going into too much detail(rent American History X), curbing involves placing someones open mouth on the corner of a curb so that they are open jawed across the cement. You then stomp on the back of their head causeing their jaw to split open across the curb and killing said person.

One of the most horrible things imaginable that one person could do to another.

Saying such as "eat curb" bring thoughts to mind that one does NOT want to think.

This was used as a joke amongst some friends of mine at school. "Don't make me curb you" replaced "that was a stupid thought/action/comment/etc" as well as being used to threaten someone.
Don't ask....

Having, for whatever reason, spent a good deal of time in my late childhood around a few special morons who actually committed this act on more than one occasion - I'd have to say I've never heard of anyone actually dying from being curbed.

Horribly disfigured with a broken jaw that never sets right and dentures for the rest of their life - yes. Death, no.

...And don't look at me like I'm encouraging this sort of activity, nothing could be further from the truth. The only half-thankful element to all of this is the only way you're ever going to be able to curb someone is if they're already unconscious - so they at least don't get to experience it first hand.


In the beginning of the movie American History X, we can see Edward Norton, in the role of neo-Nazi Derek Vinyard, kicking a man in the back of the head whilst his teeth rest on a sidewalk. Derek's boot crushes right through the skull, leaving his victim dead.

Despite critics saying Norton's own editing of the film took off the raw edges somewhat, this is undoubtedly one of the most horrific scenes ever to make it to a theater. Even more horrific is the fact that the cruelty committed by Derek here is no figment of the imaginations of director Tony Kaye or script writer David McKenna. In fact, this act has a name. It is known as a Californian curb kick.

Fatality is usually the result of breaking the spinal cord, or jaw bone fragments penetrating the skull. Victims who survive face massive reconstructive surgery and dental bills.

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