In an interview with Howard Stern, Rose McGowan (a rather whoreish, plastic fantastic, spooky, pale, bambino actress) was asked why two such non-traditional people as her and Marilyn Manson would choose to get married. She answered that she thinks to a certain extent you have to enter an institution before you can corrupt it. Despite general assumptions that both of these crazies would be promiscuous and deeply perverse, Rose assured us that firstly, they were monogamous, and secondly, it wasn’t Manson everyone should have been worried about, but Rose, who would find it much harder to never have sex with another man in her life.

Marilyn ran a bath for Rose, lit candles and all, before he proposed to her, and he simply asked “will you marry me?” He gave her a huge rock from the 1930’s. Rose insists that Marilyn is most definitely “Mister Romance”, despite his cold, offensive, gothic exterior.

She says that they don’t ‘dig’ bringing other girls into the bedroom with them, because she doesn’t like other women. The reason for this is that she was attacked by a crazy goth chick when she was fourteen. This girl had eyeballs painted on her eyelids so that when she closed her eyes she was still looking at you. Howard Stern was shocked at how ‘conventional’ she was but Rose said that it was just the opposite, that bringing girls into the bedroom was conventional. She says, “Please, absolutely. Listen, have you seen Jerry Springer much lately? I think there's a lot of...I think people that grow up in like very normal restricted ways are like pervs on the inside”.

As for Rose, she says she is a prude, the type of girl who will hide toilet paper under all the other items in her shopping trolley. Curiouser and curiouser.

Rose and Manson have since broken up; Rose now has blonde hair, a more classic style, and a new boyfriend, Kip Pardue. Kip is the Californian quarterback from Remember the Titans and the star of Driven. Rose and Kip met while filming Rat in the Can.

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