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The only full name ever given to the star character of Capcom's flagship fighting game series, Street Fighter. Unfortunately, it's probably not his official last name since it was only ever mentioned in the horrible Street Fighter: The Movie, which is about as far from canon as you can get. However, since there are 5e7 games out there with a character named Ryu, this is sometimes accepted for specifying the Street Fighter Ryu.

Arguably one of the most popular and recognizable video game characters of all time, Ryu made his first video game appearance in the 1987 Capcom release of the original Street Fighter. Since then, he has appeared in every Street Fighter game and then some. Such appearances include (but are not limited to):

Ryu has made other appearances in other Capcom games like Puzzle Fighter. He has also appeared (starred) in several Street Fighter animes like Street Fighter II: V, Street Fighter II, and Street Fighter Alpha

Ryu is the Wandering Warrior. His goal is to be the very best fighter that he himself can be, not to be the very best ever. He desires The Perfect Fight. The fight where he is fighting at 100% capactiy, as well as his opponent. What the outcome of this fight will be, Ryu himself probably doesn't even know.

Ryu's attacks are derived from Shotokan Karate, a Japanese style of karate he learned from his master, Gouken when he was young. Ryu also trained with an American named Ken Masters as well, and their rivalry grew through the years, as did their friendship.

Shotokan Karate has a dark side, the so-called Dark Hadou. These are the techniques that are designed to kill the opponent rather than just disabling him, the murderous intent. Master Gouken refused to teach the techniques, and thus Ryu and Ken were largely unaware of them.

Master Gouken's brother, Gouki, was also a student of Shotokan Karate. But he believed his brother's neglect of the dark arts was foolish and showed his weakness. Gouki learned the dark arts and killed his brother before Ken and Ryu, then disappeared for many years.

Ryu, seeking fighting perfection, has more than once been tempted by the powers of the Dark Hadou. (It can be noted that the Dark Arts are similar to the Dark Side of the Force from Star Wars). The quick and easy path to "mastery of the fist" through the dark arts is the path that Gouki took, whereas Ryu seeks to be a master through the conventional side of Shotokan.

Gouki waits for the one who can beat him in a fight, and kill him. He believes only a shotokan student (of whom only remain Ryu and Ken) can beat him, and only if they unleash the power of the Dark Hadou inside them. Thusly, he waits for Ryu to release the Dark Hadou inside him, and fight Gouki to the death

There is an "alternate Ryu", or Evil Ryu as he is known in the Capcom series. This is a Ryu from an alternate timeline where he has succumbed to the powers of the Dark Hadou, killed Gouki, and become the "Master of the Fist" with the murderous intent. It is generally believed, however, that the "good Ryu" is the "real Ryu" in the Street Fighter Continuum.

Ryu's main attacks are his Shotokan moves, the Hadoken (Japanese: translates as (wave|surge) fist) or fireball, the Tatsumakisenpuukyaku (translates as Hurricane Kick), and the Shoryuken (Rising Dragon Fist). Evil Ryu also has the Shun Goku Satsu, or Raging Demon, a move designed to kill the opponent in one swift continuous strike.

Ryu is easily recognizable by his White Karate Gi, tousled black hair, and the red headband that was given to him by Ken.

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