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Southeast Hawthorne Boulevard in Portland, OR is a very popular street in the city. Located in the mixed working-class-pseudo-hippie-yuppie SE Portland area, you will find many restaurants, Starbucks and other coffee shops, and various stores with somewhat overpriced neat stuff.

Hawthorne Boulevard was once named Asylum Road, due to the Insane Asylum located at approximately SE 7th and Hawthorne. It's often thought that the Seminary at the eastern edge of Hawthorne is the building that once was the asylum, but this is a myth.

SE Hawthorne Boulevard runs as a major east-west arterial, from the banks of the Willamette River where it meets the Hawthorne Bridge, to SE 60th St., on the edge of Mount Tabor, where it is interrupted by the reservoirs and park on the volcano, and resumes as a local street on the east side of Tabor.

Some of my favorite spots along Hawthorne Blvd include: Presents of Mind, a wonderful gift/card/trinket store, Garbonzo's, a nice middle-eastern restaurant, Maranatha pet supply and Christian Bookstore, Powell's Books on Hawthorne, and, just 4 doors down from Hawthorne, Toney Bento, a great bento restaurant with good, cheap sushi.

At my non-school home in Portland, OR, I live a mere 1 block from Hawthorne.

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