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If you choose not to eat meat and you still like to get a burger like meal most restaurants gave you the option of some dried nut and twig item. Gardenburgers were a little bit better but still it was more nuts and twig and less burger. Then came the Boca Burger.

Many meat eaters think non-meat eaters don’t like the tastes meat has to offer. This may be the case for some but not for me and if the market is any indication not for many folks kicking meat eating. Low fat healthy vegetarian food does not have to mean nuts and twigs.

Boca Burgers taste somewhat like a burger. I am not going to tell you they taste exactly like a burger, they don't. You can cook them up to be juicy and damn meaty tasting with very little work. The soy bean once again is the building block of this food, as with many great vegetarian foods.

Boca Burgers come in six varieties:

Boca Burgers are common in most supermarkets out here in suburban land where I live. I am no longer living in the "heart of hipsterville" named Hawthorne Blvd in Portland where very other store is a macrobiotic eatery. I now live out in the boonies where Kmarts and Targets are the places to be and be seen. Even here, even in the most trailer trashiest supermarkets there are, mixed in with all the other foods, are Boca burgers.

Veggie food is as prevalent as AOL discs out here, and from what I see it's getting like that everywhere. Even in my journeys through South Dakota I found Bocca Burgers.

You might think bringing a few packets of Boca Burgers to a cook out on a farm that makes most of its money from cattle was not too bright, but I explained to the good folks that I am a good reason why they are making good money planting soy beans. They all agreed the soy bean market was booming in the last couple of years, not so coincidentally the same years I shut myself off from beef, chicken, turkey and pig.

If your local place of grocery shopping does not carry the goods you want, let them know. I am sure they will comply with consumer wishes. If not you can get them online at http://www.bocaburger.com/

Boca Burger is a Chicago-based company that saw revenues of almost $40 million in 1999, nearly twice its 1998 revenues. In 2000 Boca Burger was purchased by Kraft Foods.

"Boca Burger gives Kraft an excellent position in the high-growth meat alternatives category, which has shown annual double-digit increases for the past five years," said Rick Searer, President of the Oscar Mayer and Pizza Divisions of Kraft Foods. "Boca Burger has a stellar track record with one of the leading brands in the natural foods channel, as well as the fastest growing major brand in the category. Clearly, the high-quality, great-tasting Boca Burger product line is strongly aligned with consumers' desire for healthful food choices."

Let's just hope Kraft does not ruin a good thing.

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