Boca Juniors (Club Atletico Boca Juniors, CABJ) is the most famous futbol club from Argentina. It was founded in 1905 by five young soccer players (most of them from Genova, Italy) from the neighborhood of Boca, Buenos Aires where they took the name from.

Nowadays, Carlos Bianchi is Boca's coach and Mauricio Macri is Boca's manager.


Boca Juniors has won 25 local tournaments:

International tournaments:

Colors of the team

Blue and yellow (sometimes gold) are the colors of the team. You can see them in their shirts, in their stadium... and so on. At first, the founders, they were confused about what color to use. But they solve it by picking the colors from the first ship that was arriving to Buenos Aires. At that moment, A sweden ship was arriving to Buenos Aires port so they decided to use the colors of the sweden flag.


"La Bombonera" is called the stadium of Boca. It means "the candybox" and its name has being given because of the shape of the stadium.

Famous Players

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