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Spend a semester on a tall ship!

SEA Semester2 is a twelve-week academic program offering seventeen undergraduate credits for college students.  The SEA Semester program is run by the Sea Education Association.  The program includes onshore study at the SEA Madden Center campus in Woods Hole, followed by a migration to the SEA tall ships where the coursework continues with hands-on oceanography as well as assuming all aspects of operating the SSV Robert C. Seamans, or SSV Corwith Cramer, SEA's two sailing schooners

In addition to the SEA Semester program, SEA offers summer programs for high school students and K-12 teachers. Check www.sea.edu for more information.

SEA1 (pronounced Ess Eeee A, not cee), is a small, private, non-profit oceanographic school in Woods Hole, Massachusetts.  SEA offers high school and college-level multidisciplinary courses that combine oceanography, nautical science and maritime studies.  

Fair winds and following seas!

1 The SEA website: http://www.sea.edu
2 SEA Semester Program Details: 

Note:  See Sea Education Association for further information.

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