A semester (or summer) program operated by the University of Pittsburgh as a unique way to study abroad--in a cruise ship that travels, literally, across the world. Study on the boat and then party in the cities of Vietnam, Egypt, Japan, and India.

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It's true that there's plenty of opportunity to party on Semester at Sea, but the voyage itself is so much more--the act of circumnavigating the globe in 100 days or so is a life-changing event.

This counts as a semester of college, and as such, classes are involved. The credits earned will transfer back to your home university. Regardless of the day of the week, when at sea, classes are in session. Professors arrange special field trips to places of interest when in port, but for the most part, while the ship is docked your time is your own. Everyone takes CORE, an overview of the countries to be visited; also offered are Religion, Art, Music, Anthropology, Biology, History, Economics, Literature...you get the idea. Where else, though, would a Women's Studies class be interrupted because Africa has been sighted in the distance?

Life on board a moving ship is an adventure in itself, but the heart of the voyage is the 4-6 days spent in each port. Nothing can prepare you for:

Itineraries vary from semester to semester, as does the direction (east to west or vice versa) in which you circle the globe. Traveling west means you gain time as you go; sailing east will jump you forward an hour each time you enter a new time zone. The Fall '87 ports of call were:

From the SAS brochure:

Semester at Sea is available to qualified students from all accredited colleges and universities. In keeping with the policies of the Institute for Shipboard Education and the University of Pittsburg, qualified students of any race, color, and national or ethnic origin are accepted for the program. For more information, contact:

Semester at Sea/ Institute for Shipboard Education
2E Forbes Quadrangle
University of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, PA 15260



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