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A great little hot dog joint located in New Britain, CT at 563 W Main St.

Actually, Sahadi's serves quite a bit more than hot dogs, but they do have a big hot dog shaped sign. Besides, philosophically they're definitely a hot dog place. All of their food is cheap, quick, and absolutely delicious. For lunch you can choose between an assortment of hot dogs, their "world famous Kelly dogs", fried seafood, sausages, chicken fingers and more. Come early for breakfast and you can get two tasty breakfast sandwiches for three bucks. Everything is fresh (the dogs gets trucked in every morning from Martin Rosol's) and good luck finding better prices anywhere.

Food aside, the atmosphere is great. Sahadi's is family owned and operated; show up more than a few times a month and soon enough they'll be asking how your birthday weekend in Worcester was when you pick up your usual. The whole operation blossomed from a small cart in an abandoned lot and kept the personable attitude after moving inside. To get an idea for the prices, two hot dogs, fries, and a soda is $4.75. If you're hungry in New Britain, you should really check this place out.

Historical tidbit from http://karmicjustice.org/blog/stories.php?story=00/11/18/6409861

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