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Dutch trance DJ 'discovered' by Sasha and signed to the latter's promotions agency, Excession, and manager, Guy Ornadel. In 1999, Sasha included Kleinenberg's 'My Lexicon' on his acclaimed Global Underground Ibiza double CD. The track itself eventually wound up in general release on Pete Tong's Essential label.

Two years later, Kleinenberg released a double CD of his own on Global Underground's Nu Breed label. Generally plays more vocal house than his mentor; considered to be an 'up-and-coming' talent, so to speak. Kleinenberg's Essential Mix of June 2001 was voted best of the year by the BBC's Radio One listeners. Kleinenberg has since released remixes of artists such as trancers Oliver Lieb and Junkie XL, as well as Destiny's Child.

Like fellow DJ Carl Cox, Kleinenberg initially learned to mix records together in mainstream, 'uncool' situations not dissimilar to that of unpopular wedding DJs. He credits this experience as giving him the skills needed to read a crowd well. Residencies have included the Hague's Asta, Amsterdam's Mazzo, Chemistry and (now extinct) Roxy. As well, he has performed at festival venues such as Extrema in Holland.

1. Nu Breed liner notes
2. Short bio available at http://www.spaced.co.uk

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