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1915 - 2005. Born in Quebec, but raised in Chicago, Saul Bellow was an engaging author and playwright. His books almost always contained smart neurotic characters that analyzed and tried to understand the situations around them. The stories deal with human nature and human interaction from the perspective of a well-crafted character that you feel an affinity towards. He writes in the first person a lot and you get the feeling, often the story takes place in Chicago and has a Jewish main character, that many of the events are drawn from his own life.

"for the human understanding and subtle analysis of contemporary culture that are combined in his work"

- reason stated when awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1976.

Here is a list of his work:

Dangling man.Written while he was in the Merchant Marine 1944.
The Victim. 1947
The Adventures of Augie March, won the National Book award 1953.
Seize the Day, 1956.
Henderson, the rain king; a novel. 1959.
Herzog, 1964.
The last analysis. 1965
The Arts & the public. contains essays by Saul Bellow, 1967
Mosby's memoirs and other stories. 1968.
Mr. Sammler's planet. Won the National Book award 1970.
Technology and the frontiers of knowledge. contains work by Saul Bellow 1972
Humboldt's gift. won the Pulitzer Prize 1975
To Jerusalem and back: a personal account. 1976.
The dean's December: a novel. 1982.
Him with his foot in his mouth and other stories. 1984.
More die of heartbreak. NY: 1987.
A theft: a novella. 1989.
The bellarosa connection. 1989.
Something to Remember Me By, 1991.
It all adds up: from the dim past to the uncertain future: a nonfiction collection. An essay 1994.
The actual. A novella. 1997.
Ravelstein, 2000

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