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In Australia (and possibly other countries), a saveloy is a sausage very much like a frankfurter or hot dog.

The saveloy is low in fat and is mainly made of pork, although some beef would not be an uncommon addition to the meat mix.

Saveloys are cooked by plunging into boiling water. They can be served hot or cooled and sliced into small bite-sized pieces, as with cabana.

The nitrate content of saveloys usually provide for a reasonably long life when refrigerated -- three weeks would be the safe maximum keeping time.

Sav"e*loy (?), n. [F. cervelas, It. cervellata, fr. cervello brain, L. cerebellum, dim. of cerebrum brain. See Cerebral.]

A kind of dried sausage.



© Webster 1913.

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