You say you like short hair on any woman but your wife because hers is longish and likes herself this way. And you like when she likes herself.

I love to see three people in silence reading different daily papers, together at a table.

Soapy water trickles down from a balcony onto a parked car. Couples with their dogs in tow lean in patio chairs. Everything leans in New Orleans. Down to the street, sloping.

A large build girl is meeting someone's mother for the first time and hugs her with a closed-eye smile to the ceiling.

People who smoke when they're alone stare straight ahead of them or all around.

Newspapers are delivered in plastic bags to porches and are brought here to read so that we can all just be around other people even though few of us talk to one another and no one strikes up conversations with strangers.

It's Mother's Day and Sunday, and people are mildly dressed up to go somewhere they slightly want to be, with their families.

We make a good pair of people watchers, you and I. I wish you were here to watch them with me, Shmuel.

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