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 Secret Santa Summer Nodeshell Challenge 2011

August 5th - 18th

Secret Santa: An event in which employees of an organization are required (either explicitly or through peer pressure and the threat of being a social outcast) to purchase gifts for another, randomly picked employee on or around Christmas. 

  1. Sign-ups are open from now until August 9th. We're doing this fast and dirty, folks.
  2. If you sign up, send me a nodeshell of your own choosing or design. If it is uncreated, for anonymity's sake do not actually create it. 
  3. On August 10th, any new nodeshells will be created by me or another third party and all the nodeshells in play will be randomly assigned to participants.
  4. Participants will have until August 18th to fill their assigned nodeshell. 


I don't know, I'll probably throw some GP at you.


  1. Can I submit a nodeshell that is already in existence?
  2. Can I submit a nodeshell that is created by a user other than myself?
  3. What kind of nodeshells are you looking for? Creative? Factual?
    Who am I, your mother? 
  4. What if I do not like my randomly assigned nodeshell? 
    Tough cookies.
  5. Someone else's nodeshell is cooler than mine. Can I fill it?
    After you have filled your own assigned nodeshell, you may post write-ups under other nodes in the quest. If someone fails to fill their own assigned nodeshell, this may be the only way to unlock HIDDEN FUN STUFF (see below).
  6. A nodeshell in the quest has inspired me, but I'm not even playing. Can I fill it?
    Yes, but please wait until after the contest is over!
  7. Wait, so are people going to start filling other peoples nodeshells after they're done with their own... do we still get credit if someone gets to ours first?
    Yes. You complete the quest by publishing a writeup under your assigned title, regardless of how many are already there.

The Nodeshelf

Nodeshell assignments are pipelinked below. Elves who have successfully filled by their nodeshell will be bolded. Nodeshells that have been successfully filled will be bolded.

Admin to the goo THE FISH INVITE THEM IN
Auspice Patent Act of 1790
BIII the grand scheme of things
BookReader John Kendrick Bangs
Detalosi That Old Fashioned Word For Fornication
etouffee I believe love and cats have nine lives.
Evil Catullus The Pope and her Yaks
Evocatus Step right on up! Spike heels not advised.
gnarl A journey way into the night
IWhoSawTheFace Dorothy in Wonderland; Alice in Oz
Jet-Poop The fire behind their eyes died slowly and silently until nothing but the shells remained
lizardinlaw The chances of a poet reaching us are very slim
maxClimb I was not made for love songs, and love songs will never be made for me.
misterfuffie The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
Montag When there's nothing left to burn, you have to set yourself on fire
Mouq Pain and survival
OldMiner Poetry is not a riddle with a single answer
Pandeism Fish The Intellectually Slutty Red Dress
raincomplex The hall was littered with broken dreams and shattered concrete
RedOmega We laughed like a cartoon circus train
RoboQuote Coffee, Calculus, and Spongebob.
StuartO))) the tequilas, the vodkas, the whiskeys with lime
synechdouche martyr without a cause
tentative the air lay on the land like liquid glass
waverider37 The Third
wertperch homage or satire
YellowOstrich vox pop

WARNING: Long term exposure to women has been known to cause bitterness and alcoholism during laboratory tests


If all nodeshells from the contest are filled by the deadline – regardless of who fills them – those elves who have successfully filled their own assigned shells will be given the option to proceed to a SECRET SUDDEN DEATH NIGHTMARE ROUND where they will compete to receive a ¡¡¡mysterious prize!!! in the mail. 


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