Sellafield is a spent nuclear fuel reprocessing plant. They recently lost their contract to reprocess fuel rods for Japan due to the fact that they had faked quality assurance checks on a batch that they (Sellafield) sent to them (Japan).

Because of their incredible lack of care and attention to detail they were placed under investigation by the DTi and their current Chief Exec was forced to tender his resignation (I believe there were some people from middle management and shop floor that were subsequently fired).

Lots of jokes are made about Sellafield, if you're a Simpsons fan you can work out most of them; glowing kids, fish that talk, cows with 4 legs(!).

I've only noded this just to coincide with my receipe, so feel free to improve on what I've written.

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Aside from the fact that Sellafield is probably the greatest polluter of the Irish Sea, it is also thought to be a major factor in increased cancer rates on the east coast of Ireland. It has now become even more of a threat thanks to the new global scope of terrorism.

Should the Sellafield plant be destroyed maliciously, and it is very possible, the effects on the British isles would be devastating, millions would be wiped out and millions more would suffer for years to come due radiation sickness and related illness. It would devastate western Europe beyond all hope. Experts estimate that the effects of a terrorsist attack on Sellafield would be 44 times worse than the Chernobyl disaster.

There is now a public campaign to close down the airspace around Sellafield for fear of a terrorist strike against the people of Europe. Sellafield has been protested against for many years by the people of Ireland, many consider it to be an environmental time bomb. Only now the British governments decides to listen.

Footnote: On a personal note, I have been in opposition to Sellafield and BNFL all my life and I feel disgusted that the British government have been treating the Irish Sea like a toilet for years, and have little regard for the welfare of the Irish people, in these turbulent times especially. The people of Ireland are NOT at war. Why should we be wiped out in someone else's name?

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