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Stuff that bugs me about the Star Trek universe:

No married woman in Star Trek keeps her maiden name
I mean, c'mon, it's the 23d, 24th 25th whatever century. Don't you think at least a few of 'em are going to keep their maiden names?
It seems especially unlikely that a woman who has established her career under one name (ie Beverly Crusher)is going to change it, as was made clear in the two-parter (All Good Things..., Part 1 (TNG), All Good Things..., Part 2(TNG))where Picard does a Billy Pilgrim (aided/shadowed by Q) trying to undo whatever the hell it was he did that created a space-time continuum singularity/split/rift/anomaly/fuck-up that will prevent the development of life on earth as we know it.


  1. Only one representative of an ethnic group other than white is allowed on the bridge (or engineering, or the landing party or wherever).
    You can have all the whites you want, but only one of each other ethnicity. DS9 broke ground by having two black bridge officers at the same time, Sisko & Worf (although Worf is a Klingon).
  2. No interracial relationships
    Oh you can have all the interspecial relationships you want, that's okay. But you're more likely to see couples of different species than of different races. Even interspecial couples tend to be of the same skin tone. The only exceptions have been relationships between major characters (ie Deanna Troi & Worf - that Worf, he's breaking the rules all over the place).

Pet Overpopulation
Don't these people ever spay or neuter their goddamned pets? First episode of Voyager (The Caretaker (VOY))and there's Captain Janeway talking to hubbie on the phone while staring at a picture of her dog with a litter of pups.
The "ST:TNG Babies" episode, where Guinan, Picard Ensign Ro and I forget who else get turned into kids while Ferengis run amok the ship, they've got puppies in the ship's day care
In another ST:TNG episode Data's cat has kittens (unspayed female cat - bad enough) and they don't know who the father is because there are 3 unneutered tomcats on the ship. Unneutered toms in a closed environment! What are these people thinking? It's a closed environment. The air recirculates. All you need is for one of those damned tom cats to spray into the ventilation system and the whole damn ship is going to reek!

first interracial kiss
It is noted correctly below that Star Trek TOS featured the first interracial kiss on TV, a truly courageous move for its time, and still bold for our own.

However ... this one kiss doesn't constitute a relationship. Furthermore, the kiss was under duress, directed by the will of the Olympians. IMHO this was the only way Gene Roddenberry could get away with it. I understand that originally Leonard Nimoy was slated to do the honours, but William Shatner wanted the action (speaking of unneutered males).

Considering I stopped watching Star Trek when I got bored with DS9, it's not surprising that I missed DS9's and Voyager's color-blind approaches to romantic relationships. I applaud the Star Trek writers for incorporating social as well as technological change in their vision of the future. I also thank fellow noders for making note of this.
Oh I got your Hyphenated name scheme right here. Solves all problems of multi-generational hyphens.

No interracial relationships:

Television history was made in the original Star Trek series, which featured the first interracial kiss on television, when Captain Kirk kissed Lieutenant Uhura.

Although there may not have been more than one representative of another ethnic group on the bridge of the original Starship Enterprise, there were several people of different nationalities (most notably a Russian, note that this was in the middle of the Cold War). That's not something you see a lot on modern American television shows: any non-US-ian is most likely a shallow caricature.

All this is offset, however, by the sexism of the women officers' tight space suits.


Perhaps they realized that hyphenated names are a bad idea, especially after a few generations of the practice. Hardly sexism in any case.


IIRC Star Trek was the first show to have an interracial kiss, so critisisms on that front fall kind of flat. Besides, did any other TV show in the 60's have that much diversity?

Pet Overpopulation

3 unneutered tomcats on a ship with over 1000 people, (I think, feel free to correct me.) and a few puppies being born. Where do you think they come from, the replicators?
If you'll accept Voyager as Star Trek...
  1. Tom Paris and B'Elanna Torres.
  2. Seska and Chakotay.
  3. You mention Deanna Troi and Worf but forget Tasha Yar and Worf (debatable) and Jadzia Dax and Worf.
    Different species so it doesn't count, you say? Okay then...
  4. Seven of Nine and Chakotay. Both Human.
  5. Keiko and Miles O'Brien.
  6. Remember Timeless? Chakotay and Tessa Omond.
  7. Wasn't the Dabo girl who Jake was going out with white?

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