Fry's pet dog from the late 20th century on the TV show Futurama (and seen in the episode "Jurassic Bark"). In August 1997 Fry was delivering a pizza to a "Seymour Asses" and, after finding out it was a prank call, he encountered a hungry dog in an alley. Fry split the pizza with that dog, whom he named "Seymour" after the prank call, and the dog later followed Fry back to Panucci's Pizza where he became the unofficial mascot. Fry once said that the dog was the only dog to never judge him.

Seymour and Fry were practically inseperable, and Fry even taught the dog to sing "Walking on Sunshine" by Katrina and the Waves. Despite Seymour bringing a completely unhygenic quality to the pizza shop (he swam in the sauce and toweled off with dough), the little mutt was loved by all.

On December 31, 1999 Fry was sent to deliver a pizza to one I.C. Weiner at the Applied Cryogenics office. Somehow sensing danger, Seymour tried to stop Fry from making the delivery, but failed. Fry went ahead and accidentially fell into a cryogenic tube, becoming frozen for one thousand years.

When Fry did not return from the delivery, Seymour began to worry. In early January 2000 the dog tracked Fry to the cryogenic tube. He tried to get Fry's family's attention and he eventually led them to Fry's tube at Applied Cryogenics. Unfortunately, Fry's parents weren't the most intelligent people and completely failed to make the connection that Fry was in the very tube Seymour was scratching at. The parents dragged Seymour away to continue trying to find their missing son.

Seymour never gave up hope that Fry would return. That poor dog waited his whole life for him to come back, and everyone and everything around him grew old as he waited on the sidewalk in front of Panucci's Pizza. In 2012, at the age of 15, Seymour passed away.

Fast forward to the year 3003 when a team of scientists discovered an ancient 20th century pizzeria. Now unfrozen and living in the future, Fry went to see the exhibit and discovered the pizzeria was, in fact, the remains of Panucci's Pizza! In a display case Fry found a number of artifacts, including a petrified Seymour! Fry persuaded the science team to give him back his late dog, and Professor Farnsworth announced he could clone Seymour back to life. Fry's robot friend Bender objected to this due to his jealousy towards the attention Fry was focusing on Seymour's petrified remains. Bender grabbed the petrified Seymour from the cloning machine at a crucial moment and tossed him into the pool of lava that was powering the machine.

While most everything else would have melted in the pool, Seymour's remains had hardened into a rare mineral, dolomite, that could withstand the heat for several moments. Fry attempted to dive in after Seymour, but Bender made the leap instead and saved the body from destruction. The cloning resumed, and Professor Farnsworth discovered that Seymour had died at the age of 15. Fry then smashed the cloning machine, deciding that Seymour had lived for twelve years without him and had undoubtedly had a whole new life during that time, a life without him. He decided that Seymour was better left in the past. If only he'd known that the dog had waited for him on that sidewalk for the rest of his life, he might have chosen differently.

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