Something I am planning to do in about 6 months.

For those of who have never heard of this being done (I'm assuming there are very few), what happens is that you get people to sponsor you, and sometimes the biggest donor gets the honour of the first cut or some such thing. It is usually done in public, and you get lots of people to come and watch. People usually have a goal, such as "I must raise X dollars to shave my head."

My stepdad suggested it the other night while I was visiting. My boyfriend's dad is in chemo right now. They know each other fairly well, and get along wonderfully. My boyfriend's dad just shaved his head, I guess he was sick of how scraggly and patchy it got while he was in chemo.

I was ready to do it right then and there (except for the fact that I had no sponsors yet). It was actually something that I had thought of right away when I found out my boyfriend's dad had cancer. However, my mom suggested (well, ordered, actually) that I wait until after my sister's wedding, seeing as I am supposed to be the maid of honour. (Actually, I talked to my sister, and she said I could get a wig in any case. But I don't want to give my mom an aneurysm.)

So far it's just my stepdad and I. He's going to hit his clients up for donations, and I'm going to harass my friends and everyone my department at university. Hopefully, we can get some other people on board and raise a decent sum of money.

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