The sunlight streams in from the right side of the picture. She’s leaning against a wall. She’s taking a picture of herself in the mirror. The sunlight puts her face in half shadow. It is an arresting face.

Her head is tilted slightly. She has short ash blond hair and a Nordic visage.

She is wearing a long black dress. She’s leaning against a light wall. Your eyes are drawn to her figure, which is vertical and yet curvy. A silver belt hangs loosely around her slim hips. Her shoulders are almost bare. The top of the dress hangs off her shoulders. They are shoulders you’d like to stand behind and kiss.

She has a slight smile. It is a smile that makes you wonder what she’s thinking.

Her eyes are a bit hooded, in a craggy Scandinavian way. They are intelligent eyes. They are not young eyes, but beautiful. You wonder, what color are her eyes? Are they a piercing blue? The kind of blue that leaves you wriggling on a pin when she stares at you?

Her face will age well. You can see the form of her chin, and her cheekbones, and the expanse of her forehead. Her face It has the history of her peoples on it: conquests and strength, fires during cold winter evenings, passion, endurance, stubbornness, persistence, gentleness, the quiet after a snowfall, velvet strength, bred for beauty in blinding white snowy climes.

She goes to the gym. You can see it in her shoulders. Her belly is tight. You’d like to be behind her, and encircle your arms around that tight belly.

Her body is shaped like an S. Her shoulders are tilted one way. Her midriff goes the other, then bends around the other way when you see her hips and belt. Then her legs go the other way. Sinuous. A shape used to attract men.

Her weight is on one leg, straight. The other leg is bent, knee up, relaxed.

You wonder what she’s thinking. You wonder what she’s like.

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