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The starring character in Guyver, a cult classic anime series from the eighties.

Sho Fukamachi is an average anime high school student. He is seventeen, medium height (5'9"), has an overweight best friend (Tetsuro Segawa), decent looks, and a crush he's too nervous to act upon. Mizuki Segawa, Tetsuro's sister, is the object of Sho's affection and, naturally, has no idea that Sho exists.

Sho is also the host for Guyver I, the hero of the series but also sometimes more of a villain. The Guyver is largely the reason why Sho's life takes a turn for the worse and it continues to bring farther torment to the teenager as the series continues. He stumbled upon the Guyver Unit outside of his high school while pining away because his love, Mizuki, wants Agito Makishima, not him. A rogue Zoanoid, who had prematurely escaped from his development tank and stolen the Bio Booster Armor Units from Chronos, went kamikaze when he was captured, detonating a mini-explosive which scattered the Units, severely damaging one of them.

Sho found one of these units and was bonded with it. He was scared at first when he bonded with the unit but he quickly realized that this could be very interesting. However, the weight of responsibility hits him hard and fast when Chronos comes to get their Unit back.

Chronos sent their very best against Sho in their efforts to get the Unit-G back. Such is the main story line for the series: Chronos attacks and Sho and crew barely manage to keep themselves alive. Sho's inability to use the Guyver correctly serves to make this even more difficult a task.

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