The Shooting Star Press is one of the best known high-flying professional wrestling maneuvers, and manages to remain impressive even after having seen it a number of times. Sometimes known as an inverted moonsault, the move was created by Japanese professional wrestler Jushin Thunder Liger, who debuted the move as his finisher in 1987 in his return to New Japan Pro-Wrestling after a European tour.

To perform a Shooting Star Press, the victim must be lying down near a corner of the ring. The attacker ascends the turnbuckle and faces the victim. The attacker then jumps up and forward, while rotating backwards 270 degrees and landing face down on the victim. One way to think about this is that the attacker is precessing around the turnbuckle for a quarter of a revolution. Okay, maybe that doesn't help.

A number of people have used this move, but those best known for their use of it are Liger, Jinsei Shinzaki and Hayabusa of the Japanese promotion FMW, Billy Kidman of WCW and now the WWE, and Marc Mero of the WWF (best known as the husband of Sable). In recent years, however, US indy wrestling promotions have seen a glut of acrobatic wrestlers who can not only do a Shooting Star Press from the top rope, they can do it standing on the mat. John from Tough Enough III was seen doing this in a clip shown many times in that season of Tough Enough. However, by far the most impressive demonstration of the Shooting Star Press is seeing WWE champion Brock Lesnar doing it. He has not performed it in the WWE, mostly because it's an acrobatic, technical move which doesn't really fit his monster persona. You can still see him doing it if you find tapes/DVDs of him doing it in OVW, the WWE's developmental territory.

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