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The latest in the lineup of the WWF's marketing ventures. Introduced after the demise of the XFL, this MTV show was a cross between The Real World and Survivor, featuring 13 contestants attempting to win a WWF developmental contract.



  • Darryl
  • Chris Ni.
  • Josh
  • Bobbie Jo
  • Jason
  • Chris No.
  • Taylor
  • Victoria
  • Shadrick
  • Paulina
  • Greg
  • Nidia (female winner)
  • Maven (male winner)

To date, Maven has competed in a few TV matches, spending much of his time in HWA "honing his skills".  He recently made his return to full-time ring duty at the 2002 Royal Rumble match, eliminating the legendary Undertaker, and his first match back from HWA saw him in combat with the Unified Champion, Chris Jericho.

Tough Enough has been the WWF's most successful non-wrestling (well, not STRICTLY wrestling) television venture, lasting for more than one season, unlike the World Bodybuilding Federation and the XFL.

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