Expert; connoisseur; as,
He is the acknowledged maven of mystery stories. Yiddish.
A mixed-race former sixth grade teacher, Maven is also the winner of a 1-year WWF developmental contract in the WWF's reality-based TV show Tough Enough (season 1). His accomplishments also include the elimination of the Undertaker from the 2002 Royal Rumble.

Maven's first TV match back from the HWA saw him in a great match with Chris Jericho, the Unified Champion. His signature move is the dropkick, and he currently has no established finisher.

Career Highlights
  • Tough Enough Winner (season 1)
  • Hardcore Champion
K-W-Y-J-I-B-O... Kwyjibo. 22 points... plus 50 points for using all my letters! Game's over, I'm outta here... --Bart Simpson

Have you ever played Scrabble against a computer? Could your ego take the beating you received? (What, you say? You won? Every game? OK G.I. Joel, I wasn't talking to you) Or did you play against a version that wasn't trying its best and deliberately lost just to keep you coming back for more? It's so annoyingly obvious when they do that...

I'd like to suggest to Hasbro that instead of their Maven program which aspires to the heights of Artificial Intelligence and is possibly the strongest Scrabble program in the world, that they devote a little time to creating a Scrabble program for the rest of us. This new program's raison d'etre is to pass the Turing Test by losing convincingly, even to a rank amateur. It should exhibit Artificial Stupidity.

I even have the perfect name for them to call it: Momser.

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