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Cupboardy: having the characteristics of a cupboard (proposed by Kenny Craig in Little Britain)

Disdam: Combination of 'this' and 'damn' (proposed by Sophia of The Goldern Girls)

Garge: a nautical term (proposed by Ross in Friends)

Jozxyqk: the sound you get when you get your sexual organs trapped in something (proposed by Cat in Red Dwarf)

Kwyjibo: a big, dumb, balding North American ape with no chin (proposed by Bart Simpson in The Simpsons). The word is now used as an alias of the Medusa worm (a computer virus), and to describe a yo-yo trick.

Kwizabuk: a very big problem (proposed by Jay Sherman in the television series The Critic)

Mypos: a country (proposed by Larry in Perfect Strangers)

Prov: an ingredient in shampoo that makes hair shiny (cf "Pantene Pro-V") (from the television series Spaced)

Quone: to ignore a patient proposed by Kramer in Seinfeld)

Wipqozn: a synonym of crap (proposed by the supercomputer Comp-U-Comp in the television series Dilbert)

Yi: alternative spelling of the Geordie exclamation "Why aye!" (proposed by Geraldine Granger in the television series The Vicar of Dibley)

Zqfmgb: a worm found in New Guinea (proposed by Calvin of Calvin and Hobbes)

Zyqxuwy: a type of fish (proposed by a mind flayer in the comic The Order of the Stick)

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